АМО ЗИЛ. 100 лет
AMO ZIL. 100 year anniversary

240 × 320 mm
Paper: Arctic Volume 150 g/m²
160 pages
ISBN: 978-5-4330-0048-3
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The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography presents a new edition of AMO ZIL, 100 Years dedicated to the 100th anniversary of one of the country's most famous factories, the IA Likhachev Plant. The plant, founded in 1916, was not only the center of the automobile industry in the country, but a factory-city, a full-fledged city unit with its territorial and architectural features, infrastructure, history and traditions. The album, building the chronological line AMO — ZIL — ZIS — AMO ZIL, traces the history of the plant from the very first years of its existence, reflected in the works of famous photographers such as A. Rodchenko, A. Shaikhet, E. Evzerikhin, M. Prehner, Y. Khalip, V. Khukhlaev, Yu. Abramochkin, L. Sherstennikov, etc. ©
Жан Жене «Альберто Джакометти»
Jean Genet “Alberto Giacometti”

Ad Marginem Press
130 × 185 mm
Paper: Munken 120 g/m²
96 pages
ISBN: 978-5-91103-337-8
Made in ABCdesign

Sixty years after its release with Éditions L’Arbalète, this book remains one of the most precious testimonies of the artist’s work and a unique description of his creative world.
   With the permanent reconstruction of the artist’s studio, the visitor will discover what Genet considered to be “the most important and the most complete” of Giacometti’s artworks, “his other self, the essence and ultimate residue of his artistic contribution.” It was in this legendary space, covered in dust and plunged into silence, that Genet, seated on an uncomfortable straw chair, posed on several occasions between 1954 and 1957. Between the two men, an intense dialogue was established, which revealed the very essence of art and of Giacometti’s personality. ©

Мари Арнтцер «Дресс-код. Голая правда о моде»
Grinde Arntzen “Dress Code: The Naked Truth About Fashion” 

Ad Marginem Press
130 × 185 mm
Paper: Goznak 100 g/m²
200 pages
ISBN: 978-5-91103-341-5
Made in ABCdesign

As Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so absolutely unbearable that we have to alter it every six months.” And yet it serves to make us beautiful, or at least make us feel beautiful. In this book, Mari Grinde Arntzen asks how and why this is—how can fashion simultaneously attract us to its glamour and repel us with its superficiality and how being called “fashionable” can be at once a compliment and an insult.
   Arntzen guides us through the major figures and brands of today’s fashion industry, showing how they shape us and in turn why we love to be shaped by them. She examines both everyday, affordable “fast fashion” brands, as well as the luxury market, to show how fashion commands a powerful influence on every socioeconomic level of our society. Stepping into our closets with us, she thinks about what happens when we get dressed: why fashion can make us feel powerful, beautiful, and original at the same time that it forces us into conformity. Stripping off the layers of the world’s fifth largest industry, garment by garment, she holds fashion up as a phenomenon, business, and art, exploring the questions it forces us to ask about the body, image, celebrity, and self-obsession.
   Ultimately, Arntzen asks the most direct question: what is fashion? How has it taken such a powerful hold on the world, forever propelling us toward its concepts of beauty? ©

Давид Ван Рейбрук «Против выборов»
David Van Reybrouck “Against Elections”

Ad Marginem Press
200 × 260 mm
Paper HannoArt Bulk 150 г/м²
152 страницы
ISBN: 978-5-4330-0082-7

Made in ABCdesign

Democracy is in bad health. The symptoms are familiar: the rise of fear-mongering populists, widespread distrust in the establishment, personality contests, and point-scoring in place of reasoned debate, slogans instead of expertise. Against Elections offers a new diagnosis — and an ancient remedy. David Van Reybrouck reminds us that the original purpose of elections was to exclude the people from power by appointing an elite to govern over them. He demonstrates how over time their effect has been to reduce the people's participation in government to an absolute minimum, ensure power remains in the hands of those who already wield it, and force politicians to judge policies not on their merits but on their likelihood to win or lose votes. And that's when elections go well. Yet for most of democracy's 3000-year history governments were not chosen by election at all: they were appointed, much like the jury system, through a combination of volunteering and lottery. Drawing on vast learning, an international array of evidence, and a growing number of successful trials, Against Elections demonstrates how a sophisticated and practical version of this ancient system would work today and thus eliminate the underlying cause of democracy's sickness. Urgent, heretical, and completely convincing, this book leaves only one question to be answered: what are we waiting for? ©

Джон Берджер «Искусство и революция»
John Berger “Art and revolution”

Ad Marginem Press
130 × 185 mm
Paper: Lux Cream 70 g/m²
112 pages
ISBN: 978-5-91103-420-7
Made in ABCdesign

In this prescient and beautifully written book, Booker Prize-winning author John Berger examines the life and work of Ernst Neizvestny, a Russian sculptor whose exclusion from the ranks of officially approved Soviet artists left him laboring in enforced obscurity to realize his monumental and very public vision of art. But Berger’s impassioned account goes well beyond the specific dilemma of the pre-glasnot Russian artist to illuminate the very meaning of revolutionary art. In his struggle against official orthodoxy–which involved a face-to-face confrontation with Khruschev himself–Neizvestny was fighting not for a merely personal or aesthetic vision, but for a recognition of the true social role of art. His sculptures earn a place in the world by reflecting the courage of a whole people, by commemorating, in an age of mass suffering, the resistance and endurance of millions. ©

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