Жан Жене «Альберто Джакометти»
Jean Genet “Alberto Giacometti”

Ad Marginem Press
130 × 185 mm
Paper: Munken 120 g/m²
96 pages
ISBN: 978-5-91103-337-8
Made in ABCdesign

Sixty years after its release with Éditions L’Arbalète, this book remains one of the most precious testimonies of the artist’s work and a unique description of his creative world.
   With the permanent reconstruction of the artist’s studio, the visitor will discover what Genet considered to be “the most important and the most complete” of Giacometti’s artworks, “his other self, the essence and ultimate residue of his artistic contribution.” It was in this legendary space, covered in dust and plunged into silence, that Genet, seated on an uncomfortable straw chair, posed on several occasions between 1954 and 1957. Between the two men, an intense dialogue was established, which revealed the very essence of art and of Giacometti’s personality. ©

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